YAKSHA – Cybersecurity Awareness and Knowledge Systemic High-level Application

YAKSHA will develop innovative methods for malware detection, collection and analysis, as well as design a specialised ontology to be used for long-term storage and analysis of the information and deploy standard information formats and interfaces to facilitate interoperability.

YAKSHA will further build an ecosystem of partners around its solutions that will contribute to enhancing cybersecurity skills in Europe and creating new positions for cybersecurity specialists in ASEAN.

Moreover, the direct access to the important ASEAN market will positively impact the competitiveness of European security industry. The YAKSHA software solution will be validated in real-world pilot projects in both Europe and Southeast Asia regions, initially focusing on Vietnam and Greece, and with plans to expand the deployments to other countries and will be supported by the network of YAKSHA Ambassadors, i.e. representatives of YAKSHA who are active in the field of cybersecurity, software and/or more largely internet security and defence.

In addition, the project will create YAKSHA Label of Excellence – a European certification of technology excellence which will serve as a sustainable recognition of a product’s quality and thus support ASEAN users to certify the quality, security and functionality of labelled product and services.

Coordinator: Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação