XLAB Research is recognized as one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. It employs 35 people including 7 with a PhD and the vast majority with MSc or BSc degrees. XLAB research also runs a program for young researchers, which includes PhD students from various fields (economics, machine learning, computer science, etc.). In continuous search for the next product, XLAB utilizes R&D and industrial experience in order to foster creativity and innovation. Within our stable and supportive environment a strong research and entrepreneurial team delivers tangible and innovative results: Koofr (koofr.net – hybrid storage solution), Olaii (http://olaii.com - event discovery app), Smarthousekeeping (http://smarthousekeeping.com/ - easy workflow organization application), PHOV (http://www.phov.eu/ - a 3D reconstruction of models from photos), and 8memo (http://8memo.com/ - an intelligent photo organization app).

Key areas of research is Cloud computing, service-oriented architectures, security of distributed systems (cloud, multi-cloud and federated cloud in particular), SLAs (Security SLAs in particular) and HPC-related disruptive approaches. Given strong emphasis on distributed and cloud systems, we closely follow and research the privacy and security in cloud infrastructures, especially in the area of light-weight service provisioning and connected analytics that is relevant to the FORTIKA project. Moreover, our latest activities encompass a plethora of projects (such as eBADGE, APRICOT, FINESCE) that are relevant to address cyber security of monitoring systems and data storage within energy industry. Additionally, we will provide our know-how to the cloud frameworks (cloud service orchestration) and provide support with pilot deployments.

We have participated in various FP5, FP6, and FP7 projects, as well as several national research projects. The most important projects today, also related to the proposed FORTIKA, are: MIKELANGELO (making virtual infrastructures ready to run big data, high performance computing, and I/O intensive applications in production) where XLAB is project’s coordinator, Contrail (open computing infrastructures for elastic services) where XLAB was among other tasks developing high-speed, reliable and secure monitoring infrastructure for federated resources, FINESCE (development of an open IT-infrastructure to be used to develop and offer new app-based solutions in all fields of the Future Internet related to the energy sector), Fortissimo (accessible HPC-based cloud infrastructure), eBadge (energy management mechanisms, SmartGrids and virtual powerplants), ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Center, creating a pool of knowledge to help organisations across Europe fight botnets) and national projects such as xHPA (High Performance Analytics - HPC technology stack with specific, task-oriented modules for smart electrical grids, economics) and APRICOT (Advanced procedures for interactive composition of secure sensor networks). The experience gained is applied to the solutions provided to our customers and to the development of our products.