White Papers

FORTIKA White Papers are available here

  1. FORTIKA White Paper #1 
    Edge Acceleration and Cyber-security for SMEs: The FORTIKA perspective.
    Responsible partner: FINT, Contributing partners: CERTH-ITI & TEIC [PDF]

  2. FORTIKA White Paper #2
    FORTIKA Marketplace – Build your own Cybersecurity Solution
    Responsible partner: XLAB, Contributing partners: CERTH-ITI, HMU (ex TEIC), HOPU, FINT [PDF]

  3. FORTIKA White Paper #3
    The legal aspects of the FORTIKA project: Compliance and best practices
    Responsible partner: VUB, Contributing partners: CERTH-ITI, UOM, OBRELA, FINT [PDF]

  4. FORTIKA White Paper #4
    The FORTIKA pilots: FORTIKA in 5 European SMEs
    Responsible partner: : OBRELA, Contributing partners: CERTH-ITI, ENEO, MOTIVIAN [PDF]