Training Material

In this page, we present Training material items prepared to support the implementation of FORTIKA pilots. The content of these documents is intended for end users, members of the IT personnel of the SMEs like network administrators and members thatwill implement installations of the FORTIKA technology in the environment of the respective SMEs.

The content of this page is updated and augmented in a continuous ongoing process, during the lifetime of the FORTIKA project.

How to use the training material

The FORTIKA training material includes:  

For a quick yet comprehensive overview of the FORTIKA solution and the available documentation you may consult the FORTIKA Get Started Guide.

The FORTIKA technology includes two main pillars: The FORTIKA Gateway and the FORTIKA Marketplace.

In order to install the FORTIKA solution in an SME it is suggested a take some preparatory steps. In order to get a basic advice on the best configuration of the FORTIKA solution for your SME, it is recommended to gather and communicate some elementary data regarding the SME. Following this, the next step is to install and configure the FORTIKA Gateway in your SME.

These steps are described in the documents under category “Setting up a FORTIKA pilot and the Gateway”.

Then, you have to access the Marketplace to download and deploy the FORTIKA bundles (tools/modules) in the Gateway. This is described in the documents under category “Download and deploy FORTIKA bundles from the Marketplace”.

Finally, after the deployment of FORTIKA bundles, the user can adjust and configure them according to the needs of the specific SME. These tasks are described in the documents under category “User Guides and Installation Guides of FORTIKA bundles”.


Manuals and Guides


Download and deploy FORTIKA bundles from the Marketplace


User Guides and Installation Guides of FORTIKA bundles


  • An overview of FORTIKA project
  • The FORTIKA Gateway
  • The FORTIKA SIEM and the Visual Analytics Module
  • The FORTIKA Bundles
  • The FORTIKA Marketplace of cyber security solutions - Live demonstration of the system
  • Bundle upload
  • Detection of a malicious file download
  • Detection of a SYN Flood Attack
  • Installation and configuration of the RTNTA bundle
  • Installation of the SEARS bundle and UX