Obrela Security Industries LDT (Obrela)

Obrela Security Industries provides security analytics and risk management services to identify, analyse, predict and prevent highly sophisticated security threats in real time. OSI delivers Cyber security using a disruptive business model and thinking: Cyber Security As a Service, and addresses an emerging demand for Service Providers that can offer an “Umbrella” of end2end security services under which clients can rest assured and focus on their business. With engagements that include Financial Institutions, Stock Exchanges, Telecommunications, Critical Infrastructure, Gambling and on-line Service Providers, we collect and analyse structured and unstructured data generating valuable intelligence for new, emerging and advanced security threats giving our clients a unique advantage in predictability, preparation and response. 

OSI has been providing security consultancy and managed services to major domestic and Global 500 corporations, engaging in numerous diverse projects, addressing a multitude of IS disciplines fromexecutive level consulting, to establishing National Digital Signature Infrastructures and e-Government Authentication Frameworks and to the development of IS risk assessment models and methods. Trained security analysts with knowledge, skills and many years of progressive experience in IS, cultivated by extensive and invaluable on-the-job experience in Leading global Institutions are the foundation of OSI. Armed with strong foundation in research, our advisors and engineers combine technical expertise with a business focus to mitigate risks and add value to our clients’ business operations, products and service offerings.