HOP Ubiquitous S.L. (HOPU)

HOP Ubiquitous, S.L. (HOPU) is a SME established in Spain. HOPU is focused on research and development of networks protocols, services, IoT management, IoT security and final Internet of Things solutions with scalable Cloud Computing support (based on OpenStack and other dynamic provisioning architectures). HOPU is specialized in applying their IoT management, security and networking protocols over the IoT platform developed by HOPU called Homard. Homard is being used and integrated for final customers by companies such as Fujitu (RunMyProcess) and Microsoft (Azure IoT Suite). Homard is a cloud computing platform deployed over multi-IaaS with Open Stack. Homard provides scalable deployment of logic, device management and data storage for IoT solutions. 

Homard has evolved to support edge computing / fog computing with the capacity to virtualize services over edge entities such as home gateways, routers and base stations. Thereby, HOPU is providing extended capabilities for IoT communication and networking via the visualization of services. These results were developed in the context of the H2020 INPUT project. The type of services that can be offered (virtualized) cover data storage, data analytics, Web Apps for users / system integration and it is being extended for other purposes such as security.

 HOPU main product lines are focused on the one hand, telemetry for monitoring machines such as security systems, freezers and other industrial applications, and on the other hand, home automation with also the similar focus that on telemetry to enhance the systems reliability, preventive maintenance of machines / appliances and finally provide easy to use, interactive, secure and scalable devices integration.

HOPU is enabling Smart devices with Internet of Things capabilities, i.e., with Internet connectivity and RESTFul Open APIs to facilitate the development of solutions, integration into other systems, facilitation of the usability, deployment, and commissioning. Finally, HOPU sensors are enabled with the developed IoT embedded stack with support for security (Elliptic Curve Cryptography - ECC, Extensible Authentication Protocol – EAP, CoAP Secure – CoAPS), management (Open Mobile Alliance – OMA LwM2M), and commissioning. HOPU is also member of IPSO Alliance for the Internet of Things and OMA LWM2M official hardware supplier.