ENEO Tecnologia S.L. was created in 2003 as a company specialized on the development and commercialization of products based in Linux Operative System for businesses, as well as the corresponding support services: consultancy, formation, support, etc. Since its origins, ENEO has evolved from a company oriented towards small and medium enterprises to one basically oriented towards big enterprises and public administrations. In 2003, the company launched “Marte Firewall”, a bandwidth monitoring and management system. From then on, further developments were done, adding the original solutions innovative features such as anti-spam, IPS, Filters, etc. ENEO, from the network management side, has a strong activity within the Open Source Community. The company has had a strong activity within the ambit of IDS/IPS systems.

In 2012 ENEO changed its model and opened itself to Open Source under redBorder brand, which actually is using as its commercial brand name, which took to its first Open Source product presented in 2012, redBorder IPS, and which started the complete solution ecosystem of network monitoring and cybersecurity.

Since then ENEO has become a company that develops network data security management software for high performance and trust environments and whose objective is to develop solutions for a highly complex technology market, especially in the consolidation of advanced network infrastructures to make them faster, secure, reliable and easy to manage. In addition, the alliances with market leaders IBM and Check Point, among others, allows ENEO to offer high compatible and easy to integrate products. ENEO clients comprise public administrations and AENA as big infrastructure manager and other key companies like Santander, BBVA, Telefonica, Euskatel, etc. ENEO it’s the national provider of high availability HW solutions for top of line segment and has the technology to offer cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructures. In collaboration with integrators, ENEO distributes as well its HW solution. ENEO’s cybersecurity technology RedBorder has been adopted by CISCO in Palo Alto within its products in its fog computing strategy.

ENEO participates in the OpenFuture initiative coordinated by Telefonica (https://www.openfuture.org/) which promotes the entrepreneurship talent worldwide in order to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses. Thanks to this participation, ENEO will be able to open an office in Palo Alto (San Francisco) in 2016. In addition to the partnership with CISCO, ENEO also has partnerships with market leaders such as IBM and Check Point companies. Similarly, ENEO also supports the Open Source technology participating in various events such as the Day OpenExpo flocking to companies around the world to meet the development of new solutions and free software tools.