ALKE’ is a European manufacturer of professional zero emission vehicles used for transportation, logistics and other multifunctional or special operations. Based in the North of Italy, with 20 years of experience and thousands of vehicles on the market, ALKE’ is a key player at international level into the E-mobility sector positioning its products on the high-end level in terms of quality and performance. ALKE’ vehicles are sold today in more than 40 countries worldwide covering all continents and can count among its customers best in class industry players, bigger institutions and most prestigious locations.

ALKE’ owns an 11.000 m2 production plant designed to deliver up to 2.000 vehicles per year. The factory is built on three levels and includes a specific test drive circuit over it. ALKE’ integrated management system is certified ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety).

The development process for all Alke vehicles is managed directly by the Italian corporate office inside its engineering department. Best Italian design, state of the art innovations and most advanced development tools are adopted during the full designing process.

ALKE’ has long term relationship with more than 200 suppliers, 90% based in the North of Italy where the most advanced Italian automotive industry is located. Such suppliers are able to provide best quality and fast and flexible support to any type of new product development.